The Hirer MUST:

  • Collect the vehicle within the agreed times (£10 per half hour may be charged for late Collection)

  • Return the vehicle refuelled to the same level as collected (normally full)

  • Return the vehicle in the same condition it was received (Any damage will be charged for and cleaning costs may be incurred)

  • Return the vehicle at the agreed times (£10 per half hour for late return)

  • Report any penalties, damage, accidents or late return prior to returning the vehicle

The Hirer is LIABLE for:

  • Any speeding, driving penalties, Toll Charges, Congestion charges, ULEZ charges, Criminal activities, carrying illegal goods and any motorist altercations

Up to £750* for:

  • Accidental damage including wing mirrors, incorrect fuelling, scratched, dented and scuffed panels
  • Cracked or damaged lights and Windscreens
  • Paint, Oil, Fuel spillages inside van
  • Any rubbish removal and/or cleaning that may be required

The First £1500* of any accidental damage that may result in an insurance claim being made

*Excess mileage Charge – (Charged at 45p per mile over the agreed hire period allowance)

*Chargeable at Bromsgrove Van Hires discretion